Thursday, December 1, 2011

Watch Azkals vs LA Galaxy Online

What's up fellas? How are you doing? Would you mind if I ask some questions? Can you please define the word "dream"? What is your dream? How about the word "match"? What does it mean? What if we fuse the word "dream" and the word "match"? Can you please define this one? For the Philippine Football Team commonly known as the "Azkals", no words can define the happiness that they felt after the finalization of their dream match against the LA Galaxy. Watch Azkals vs LA Galaxy 

For these past years, the Azkals tried hard to bring glory and honor for our country. They won many battles, they lose some of it but at the end of the day, they still bring honor and glory for the country win or lose. Doesn't they deserve some of our support? Right at this moment, let us support our Philippine Football Team on their exhibition match against the LA Galaxy on December 3 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. 

The LA Galaxy, the current Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup champions is said to be the last match for the Azkals for the year. The team became controversial after signing Real Madrid superstar David Beckham in a deal potentially worth $250 million, which was the highest-profile signing in the history of MLS. 

Michael Weiss, the Philippine Azkals coach is hoping that Filipino football fans will come and support the Philippine team. This is their Christmas present for all of the loyal fans of the Azkals. They promise to give their all, win or lose. The tickets to the Azkals-Galaxy game costs PhP 2,000 to PhP 15,000 but the United Football League (UFL) is giving UFL fans a 35 % discount on all tickets.

This is going to be a very exciting football match up. Let us all support the Azkals as they try to raise the honor and glory of the country through Football. Don't be the last to watch this historical football game. Watch Azkals vs LA Galaxy online!

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